Friday moment

I’m enjoy everyone’s Friday moments do may join in with my own.




Just a few photos, taken with the iPhone. Did a fair bit of cutting out for summer and sewed up a few trousers/shorts. But no pics as yet!












Bad jeans

were it yesterday. We had pair of jeans. Made with nice soft denim. They had a huge rip from the waist down, but they were in pretty good shape further down the legs. I hate waste. So I decided to try and make a pair of play jeans for DD(very soon)3. They were bad. I got the shape all wrong. It’s OK happens sometimes. I tried to pretty them up with girly fabric pockets. BAD idea! They got worse, especially as I tried to fix the outer seam shape, they were so badly placed!


Poor girl!
Anyway another lesson learned. Exhausted mothers, late nights, brain waves, sewing machines. Bad combo, bad jeans!

So, today I got

My teeth stuck into one my ‘in mind’ projects. It felt good to be back at my sewing machine. I felt at peace. I missed it.

We desperately needed some ‘proper’ curtains, to block out the early morning sun. As oppose to the decorative jobbies that had been adorning our window!

I didn’t want to spend any money. And I didn’t have any curtains that were long enough. So I stitched a couple of different sets together. And here they are, colour blocked curtains.


Bet you are so glad I pointed that out!
Hope you are all having great weeks.

Over the past

couple of weeks I have had two sewing projects. One took a few days, the curtains for the sitting room, and the other was mostly finished in a day thanks to my sister in law taking care of daily stuff and letting me sew.

I got my inspiration from some satin dresses, I had pinned on pintrest. The bigger one was a combination of a few dresses, the bow was inspired by this. And I had wanted to try making a bubble hem. So they were a combination of these features.


The dresses had to be lined to create, the bubble hem, which involves making a shorter much less gathered skirt underneath and attatching the outer skirt hem to it which then gathers it and lifts up the hem to create this ‘bubble’ effect. It was a little fiddly and I should have made the under skirt a little shorter then i did, but all in all I was quite pleased with my attempt,  masha’allah.

I actually had more trouble with the bodice, which came out too big. It meant pulling the sleeves off and getting the scissors out to adjust the shoulders and the waist. the belt also helped to pull it in! I didn’t want a really close fit because it would have been too hot, and hopefully the cotton lined bodice will help with that too! I’m planning to re-service these at eid, and we have a couple of weddings in the summer insha’allah. DD10 loved the dress, despite her misgivings at me sewing for her (she has reached that age already!). So that made me really happy 🙂

The dress for my almost 3 year old was a much simpler deal! Simple basic bodice like the other one and alhamdulileh it was a great fit so it sewed up really quickly. It has a simple belt attached at the side seams and tied into a big bow at the back. I wanted them similar, but not exactly the same. And she being much easier to please, loved it too!SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

This is a view of the back. I don’t have a photo of her in the dress without the bride, which of course,  I can’t post here due to Hijab restrictions! But she of course, of course, looked absolutely beautiful in her blue kaftan, Masha’allah.


This is it in the shop.

The other projects were the curtains in the salon. We bought one set of curtains which were on display in the shop. It was the last one. Dh loved the fabric and I figured we could get that and split it into two for our sitting room windows as it was pretty wide and doubled up in two tones.

I literally had to unpick the whole thing, scale it down and split it into two. But i was pretty pleased with the results masha’allah. Here they are.

043 044 045

They are a little dark , I should have took the photos at night, they would have shown much better. But you get the idea!!! We bought the new covers and cushions for the arab style seating. Not really my taste though I love the blue!

And finally I made new covers for all the cushions after having our sofa’s refurbished in our family sitting room, and edged the remaining fabric to cover the ‘canopy’ to match.

034 035

And after all of that, I would have thought I would be sick of the sight of the sewing machine, but no, I have a few new projects in mind! Watch this space (though I have to get my house back in order first!).


its already the 13th of May.The big day has been and gone. My daughter is officially a married woman subhanallah, though when she is still living at home that is just a fact and not a reality.

The party went smoothly Alhamdulileh. There was a little ‘scuffufal’ before the party began with some in-laws trying to take over. We dealt with it. I wasn’t very popular for a while. Never mind!

I finally came face to face with my son in law. He was very shy masha’allah and didn’t know where to look!

There was a lot of hard work in advance. Fixing the salon, shopping, sewing etc etc

here are a few pictures to leave you all with, we are in the ‘getting back to normal’ phase, so lots of work still to do!


I haven’t had

time to blog this week. And if truth be told I haven’t got time to blog now….But here I am just to say a quick hello. I am in a whirl wind of soap, bleach, curtain and cushion fabric and still the main event to go. The dress!!!!! Or whatever it is we will get the ‘bride’ to wear.

We have our first guest arriving today ahead of time. Dh begged her to come and help, though to be honest we are about done with the hard slog. but it means we can move out and about to the shops and my sister in law will be here for the children arriving from school.

The stress and nerves are mounting and to be honest I am absolutely dreading Thursday when all of my husbands  family start to arrive for the weekend sleep over, we are expecting around 30 adults and various children. My brain cannot comprehend where everyone is going to sleep and what we are going to eat etc……

Welcome to Algeria!

Oh by the way this isn’t the actual wedding. Its the ‘fatha’ or ‘fiancee’ or the ‘nikkah’. I personally prefer the last name but hey they all work here or even the ‘Aqad al shariah’ . Maybe the bride herself will stop by the comments and correct my names for the event. well whatever…….

Pray for me My nerves are going to need it!