I haven’t had

time to blog this week. And if truth be told I haven’t got time to blog now….But here I am just to say a quick hello. I am in a whirl wind of soap, bleach, curtain and cushion fabric and still the main event to go. The dress!!!!! Or whatever it is we will get the ‘bride’ to wear.

We have our first guest arriving today ahead of time. Dh begged her to come and help, though to be honest we are about done with the hard slog. but it means we can move out and about to the shops and my sister in law will be here for the children arriving from school.

The stress and nerves are mounting and to be honest I am absolutely dreading Thursday when all of my husbands  family start to arrive for the weekend sleep over, we are expecting around 30 adults and various children. My brain cannot comprehend where everyone is going to sleep and what we are going to eat etc……

Welcome to Algeria!

Oh by the way this isn’t the actual wedding. Its the ‘fatha’ or ‘fiancee’ or the ‘nikkah’. I personally prefer the last name but hey they all work here or even the ‘Aqad al shariah’ . Maybe the bride herself will stop by the comments and correct my names for the event. well whatever…….

Pray for me My nerves are going to need it!



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