its already the 13th of May.The big day has been and gone. My daughter is officially a married woman subhanallah, though when she is still living at home that is just a fact and not a reality.

The party went smoothly Alhamdulileh. There was a little ‘scuffufal’ before the party began with some in-laws trying to take over. We dealt with it. I wasn’t very popular for a while. Never mind!

I finally came face to face with my son in law. He was very shy masha’allah and didn’t know where to look!

There was a lot of hard work in advance. Fixing the salon, shopping, sewing etc etc

here are a few pictures to leave you all with, we are in the ‘getting back to normal’ phase, so lots of work still to do!



5 thoughts on “Wow,

  1. wow…you actually stood your ground with algerian inlaws?!!!!! lol…braver than me….love the purple dresses, pls tell me you didn’t make them? ….he he ……take it easy now, you must be pretty tired….let that married daughter of yours take over the house 😉

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