Today is

The last day for my teenage boys taking their end of secondary school exams. The BEM as its known here in Algeria.
It’s pretty intensive 2 1/2 days back to back exams. Two subjects in the morning and two in the afternoon. Results will be out sometime before Ramadan…
Did you really think we had a date? This is dz after all! Fortunately for us we can see the school from our window, so we will see tell tale activity when the results are in!
All being well I will have three kids out of compulsory education, though they plan on doing the BAC. None the less it’s quite a milestone. And a bit of a shock! Where has the time gone? My babies grown up. I want to mark the event. Do something fun. But I haven’t figured out what yet. We are tied down with by our shop!
I have stragglers still at school. Ds8 and dd10, they finish thursday insha’allah as does ds4 at the mosque nursery. I’d love to surprise them with a trip to the beach or something similar. It’s time to celebrate. The school year is done. And Ramadan is just around the corner. I think some time for unwinding is called for!



3 thoughts on “Today is

  1. Masha Allah sis,I hope they will have good results insha Allah!i I like your idea of having a surprise party,make lots of cakes the one they love of course,mint tea and lots of cold drinks and take them to the beach or to a nice park and have a picnic!all the best and do share pics with us

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