Well school

Is finally out for summer. Insha’allah we have around 3 months of lazy, late breakfasts (well 2 actually when you take out Ramadan). Days when everything except salat can be pushed back a little and it’s not the end of the world if it’s running behind schedule. Leisurely sunny afternoons, plenty of dust removal and so far a little frenzied chasing after rogue grillos (cockroaches).
And though school is out and the summer stretches before us, I don’t have much in the way of plans yet. I want to get a new paddling pool for the little one to cool off in during Ramadan. I want to plan some activities for the older ones to help them through their fasting days and gain some benefit through the blessed month. The school year doesn’t leave much space for extra learning and activities do the long summer is the ideal time to catch up. Some Quran, some stories of prophets and sahaba. It’s really way past the time when their English needs improving. So I want to try and combine the two together.
We have two school reports in both very good masha’allah with an achievement certificate and a gift for ds 4 and ds 11.
Let’s hope for good reports from the rest of my brood to carry on the good start to summer. Anyone else have plans?






One thought on “Well school

  1. I’m gonna go with the flow this year…not planning much….I think with teenagers is different and little one just has to fit in and do mummy baby things while big sisters sleep their days away…not complaining I love it….xxxx

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