Life has a way

Of throwing unexpecteds at you. I don’t actually think that’s a word. Nevermind. So I wasn’t actually planning on sewing in Ramadan but I needed some fillers for dd3’s wardrobe

Plus dd10 is at the mosque twice a day so her one hijab, which is a bit short, wasn’t cutting it!

I also made a skirt, and still have 3 pairs of trousers to finish, changing the cotton to matching colours is holding me back. Plus I have a qamees in the works for ds15.

Dh and ds 16 are away, and ds8 has hepatitis A, so yellow is this months colour. I guess it’s a hazard of living where we do!

The fasting month is already entering its second week we are going to be in the last 10 days before we know it. Oh and Friday somehow slipped me by…..