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This is a really

Simple project for a beginner sewer and a very quick result!


You basically need a rectangle of fabric which is double your child’s waist circumference and then measure the length you want it plus a few centimetres for the elastic and hemming.

If you want to add a different coloured band at the bottom the of course you need another fabric strip the width of the fabric and as wide as you like plus seam allowances!(of course you need to subtract that from the main fabric length).

Sew the contrasting fabric first to the bottom of your main fabric. Press the seam flat. Then sew up the side seam. Start at the bottom with the contrasting fabric to match up the seams. press the seam. Hem the bottom.

Measure a price of elastic around the child’s waist. My preferred method is to simply pull it to the required taughtness around their waist and add a little to join the elastic into a circle.

Zig zag the elastic edges to form a ring then pin this seam onto the seam if the skirt ( this is the back). Pin the elastic to the front and to the sides at four equal points. Starting at the back seam zigzag the top of the elastic to the raw edge of the fabric stretching the elastic out from pin to pin. Then simply fold over the elastic so it is encased in the fabric. Stretching it out simply see along with a straight stitch. And there you have it a simple gathered skirt!