Friday moment

Just pretend it’s Friday please!



2 thoughts on “Friday moment

  1. Assalamu aleiki warahmatullahi um Batoul, subhnallah I came across ur blog and I read about ur daughter been officially married Allahuma barik, elf muburuk I presume is Batoul, I pray to Allah for happiness in her new life amin, would love to hear from u and I hope all is well, lots of love um Hanan

    • Wa aleiki assalem wa rahmatullahi.
      Thank you for the comment. Its really lovely to hear from you Mashallah! We are all well alhamdulileh.
      Yes Batoul has had her nikkah but won’t be leaving until next summer at the earliest inshallah.
      I hope you and all of your familly are well 🙂

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