Don’t they look


Of course back home we are more used to seeing strawberries in June then March. But they are very welcome and a delicious sign that spring is in the air. These are one of my favourite things masha’allah.

The children are now into their spring holidays from school so a busy couple of weeks ahead and lots of cries of I’m bored no doubt. Insha’allah I will be finding some on line ways of keeping the younger members of my brood occupied, I’ve gone past trying with the teens nothing seems ot interest them. Though a friend has very kindly invited my three big boys to spend some of the holidyas with her boys, so the entertaining will be passed over(very willingly too)!

And for me? well I have started some crochet for next winter for my two little girls, also some sewing in the air. A curtain to cover some mess in my kitchen, those never ending repairs and hopefully with that promise of spring some light tops for the warmer weather bi’ithnileh!

And best of all the much anticipated arrival of my mum and her husband, who we haven’t seen for far too long.

Wishing you all a pleasant, positive and productive spring.


that time of year

has  come around again masha’allah. The time when I feel the urge to clear out and move things around. Maybe a little of the nesting instinct too with my mind full of things I want to sink my teeth in too but as usual don’t have time for!

 I have created my cosy area which I have been using masha’allah, not as much as I would like to but I have used it! and I have transformed a bare hallway into an area for the kids which I am quite happy with because I can actually hear them when I am down here

which is were my kitchen is…all on her lonesome apart from a bathroom! It can be a little unpractical with small children but alhamdulileh we work around it and I’m blessed with a good sized kitchen so I can often busy them with activities down there with me.

Here is the ‘new’ hallway, looking quite cosy i think!

we also use this area to pray in masha’allah so fairly flexible!

The younger children have been home from school thanks to yet another teachers strike….which i wouldnt mind sooo much if i could sleep a little in the morning but with other children still at school or in the mosque such luxury for me!

WIP…no  not really ! Lots of thoughts in process with brimming pink baby ideas, but I need to get out for materials which is proving a bit tricky with dh tied up in his new business. But I will keep working on it! Who knows maybe next time I will have something a little more interesting to blog about then the daily grind!

happy weekend to you all!

and this was


a very satisfying shear for ds 12, all that hair really didnt suit him!

then off the boys went to friday prayers…..that was the most peaceful time of the day masha’allah. Then after lunch we moved onto some creative fighting  play.

oops we got a picture on its side….never mind! I forgot to photograph the results….but they made some lovely pictures with fabric shapes and glue, which they really enjoyed aside from thr interference of ds12! i think we can something similar again insha’allah!

And of course what friday afternoon would be complete without this?

And what do we have to look forward to tomorrow………..SCHOOL………..:) alhamdulileh!

looking for inspiration…..

I enjoy blog world but am a bit lacking in enusiasm to actually do it! so I thouhgt maybe I would do a little summary of the summer hoping to get myself back in a roll….
At the end of july we went off to mustaghanem again masha’allah. My plan being to unwind and spend time with the kids and masha’allah I did, everyone helped out witht he chores and I spent hours inthe sand with my babes masha’allah!



baby has come along masha’allah…he learned to crawl, popped through some teeth and has taken his first teetering step masha’allah. he loves water and spent hours in the sea at mustaghanem


then of course it was home again and back to reality!! A visit to a sister in law with a new baby masha’allah and then back  home for the start of ramadan!

The blessed month passed in a blare of khobz khemir, shorba and not enough eebada, loyts of hasanet insha’allah for feeding guests but I never manged to get through the whole quran though I did manged to read more then ever in arabic alamdulileh.


My baby girl went into year one…her fist day at school was a blur of excitement masha’allah….its now moved onto another stage of I don’t want to go and I don’t like my teacher…..Insha’allah it improves again



And now here we are heading towards eid al adha and another round of school exams and trials and tribulations mixed with some joy and happiness insha’allah….well thats what life is all about after all……

summer days

today was nice…… far……its only 18.15 so still time for it to turn nasty, motherhood is full of surprises 😆

Today baby had his first d ip inthe small roof pool, he loved it masha’allah and his doting brothers and sisters loved him being in the pool.


Today I was shatara as they say n algeria and baked a marble cake before Iwent up to the roof so we came out of the pool at asr and after noon tea was ready alhamdulileh.


 I am reading through a book called c a t =cat by Mona Mcnee, Insha’allah we will try it out and see if it suits us. Its a phonetic teaching manuel I’m in the process of making some letter cards and insha’allah we will start tomorrow……

new phases

I often feel that life travels along in phases, some good and some not so good.

I am hoping this is going to be a postive new phase, although I am feeling the stress of a string problems, nothing serious insha’allah……with a promise of renewed friendships and new plans for the future again nothing major but small changes which will insha’allah spell improvements to all ofourlives and most importantly our islamic lives.


I am very eagerly looking forward to beign neighbours again with my very dear friend insha’allah. I am looking forward to reading more and picking up my eeman……..and being more moderate as I have mentioned before……not succeeded yet on a regualr basis but you always have to start a plan somewhere.

I found an idea on a sisters blog for this chocolate chip brioche that i modified alittle and threw into hte bread machine

4 cups of flour

4 tablespoons of sugar

2 eggs

cup of milk and a little slosh of water

chocolate chips


and yeast

I put it into the bread machine to knead and then shaped it into rolls on a tin and popped it into the fridge to rise over night and baked it int he oven ofr breakfast. I was really pleased with the results masha’allah.


so far

some days have passed in the whirlwind of dh coming home……unpacking, sorting, washing, sleeping, recovering, visitors and of course much excitement and happiness…..especially for the younger kids masha’allah.

And just as normallity was returning, he had to go again………but insha’allah not for long this time!
So we have to try and regain that sense of normality alone.
So some plans in the offing ofr activities for small peeps and big peeps are on a mission to revise qurana nd the journals are well underway……admittedly not with so much enthusiasm from some!
In between there has been some enjoyment of the sun with playing in the infatable pool, and a trip to the sea.
Oh and baby has passed the 6 month marker masha’allah and taken his first few crawling ‘steps’.
And with a much looked forward to arrival very soon, I am feeling very positive masha’allah wa alhamdulileh!
Hope you bloggers are feeling equally positive……