3 of my favourite

Things, slobbing around, p.j’s, gingham and up cycled from a cotton duvet cover. What’s not to like?!



Oh that’s 4 things, never mind. Even better! Goodnight all, bed time ūüôā


We are having

plenty of April showers this month masha’allah, with more rain forcast for the days ahead they could evn go into May showers. But I am not complaining the heat will be upon us all to soon i dont mind if it takes its time getting here. After Ramadan would be perfect actually!


So I have big plans for my day and no better way to set up for it then a good breakfast. Alhamdulileh. Dd16 has already expressed her concern at scrambled eggs with croissant but what is the problem?

I have lots of sewing to do these days. We are having a little Algerian party in May (when was an Algerian party ever small?) and dh has been cajoled into smartening up the ‘salon’, so we went out shopping yesterday and we bought fabric for curtains that I will have to ‘whip up’ we wanted to buy ready made ones but the prices were outrageous!!! We ended up buying a display curtain because dh loved it so much and it being the last one, we got it for a good discount. It had various swathes of fabric overlapping and what not ‘ala arab curtains’ and i have to unswathe the double layers to pretty it up for two windows, I am in the unpicking stages.


Not really my taste, but when a husband wants his arab salon, and I have my more european living area up stairs I am not going to fight it. I only clean it and serve guests in there anyway! I just hope it turns out good, insha’allah i will do before and after pictures. But still more wall washing and window cleaning to be done first!

Onto the skirt I posted last time. Actually the post was just a trial run for the wordpress application from my phone.

The elastic is too big as i made it from her belly measurements instead of just stretching it around her as I usually do(go back to low tech method!). ¬†She has a rather generous toddler tummy masha’allah. The skirt, of course, ¬†just drops below it . The top of the skirt is made from a thin polyester type fabric, which is great for drapey projects, but I lined it with a piece of white cotton, one because its great for the summer, ¬†two to attach the frill too and three because the polyester type stuff is see through. And though the cotton was very light weight and thin it wasn’t light weight enough to let the gathers drop as I would have wished, so it looks a little bulky. Lesson learned!

So I will leave you all with some weekend pictures, have a great day where ever you are!










it’s been

a while since i was last here. This is why………………..

born on the 6th of june, masha’allah. Alhamdulileh, the labour was swift, following the pattern of my last¬†3 children and recovery has so far been good masha’allah. Allah is indeed most merciful.

This little man has also been challenging to deal with. Though he loves the baby, she has of course altered the pattern of his routine. He hasn’t taken to kindly to sharing umi. I guess you can’t blame him, he is still a baby himself………..but in a few months he will have himself a playmate insha’allah and the trauma of sharing will be forgotten!

Time is

¬†slowly and peacefully(well apart from the kids) drafting past me as I head towards 39 weeks , Insha’allah D Day will soon be here!

We are moving into final stages preperations and bag is packed(sort of!), clothes are ready for babes (sort of!), nappies finished(sort of! got 3 left to stitch up!). my room is more or less sorted and I am now in the process of sorting out the childrens summer clothes in an effort to lessen work afterwards…….

still¬† on my prep list however are….semolina roasting for the inevitable algerian tamina, dates for the tahnik of the newborn insha’allah, and lots of tidying!!!!

The tweens in my home are in midflow with the final exams before the summer break and the primaries are yet to start. We were amazed¬†when my two tween boys declined to go playing footie yesterday evening choosing instead to stay home and revise……………………yes it still makes me dizzy, thinking about it!!!! Insha’allah it¬†shows in their results which were well below what they can acheive last term.

My mind is now beginning to focus on the task ahead of giving birth, wondering what labour has in store for me this time and hoping it follow in the same pattern as my last 4. Hoping desperately to avoid artficial induction and long for the gentle care of algerian midwives (this may be the hardest to acheive!). All is in Allahs hand, and with daily dua I trust in him!

that time of year

has¬† come around again masha’allah. The time when I feel the urge to clear out and move things around. Maybe a little of the nesting instinct too with my mind full of things I want to sink my teeth in too but as usual don’t have time for!

¬†I have created my cosy area which I have been using masha’allah, not as much as I would like to but I have used it! and I have transformed a bare hallway into an area for the kids which I am quite happy with because I can actually hear them when I am down here

which is were my kitchen is…all on her lonesome apart from¬†a bathroom! It can be a little unpractical with small children but alhamdulileh we work around it and I’m blessed with a good sized kitchen so I can often busy them with activities down there with me.

Here is the ‘new’ hallway, looking quite cosy i think!

we also use this area to pray in masha’allah so fairly flexible!

The younger children have been home from school thanks to yet another teachers strike….which i wouldnt mind sooo much if i could sleep a little in the morning but with other children still at school or in the mosque ..no such luxury for me!

WIP…no¬† not really ! Lots of thoughts in process with brimming pink baby ideas, but I need to get out for materials which is proving a bit tricky with dh tied up in his new business. But I will keep working on it! Who knows maybe next time I will have something¬†a¬†little¬†more interesting to blog about then the daily grind!

happy weekend to you all!

ta da!!!

here you are my faithful ones…for those who doubt I can carry through a plan!

almost done just a few bits and pieces to round up and I’m¬†sorted…then to creativity, the wuestion is will I actually make anything any quicker then I owuld have without organising? To see if it revolutionises my sewing(which I do actually love!)¬† watch this space!!!

And here are my rather sad rock cakes…I’m sure many of are wondering why they are sad (just pretend if you really don’t care…please!!!) they are sad because my kids wont eat dried fruits..so they are rather sad and plain, bless! But I still enjoyed them alhamdulileh.

My apologies for the dark piccy, I’m actually really chuffed that my mad phone is actually taking pics at the mo masha’allah!!!

and todays project is….

To turn these

into an organised, inspirational area for me to just sit and make when the urge takes me and i have a little empty time!

I’ll let you know how i get on insha’allah. Now off to work!