This is my

corner of the world.


My morning walk with my 4 year old boy.


all the way up and round the corner and then down here at the bottom is the masjid.


Thats it down there straight ahead! Its a nice little walk, clears out the cobwebs in a morning, and I may even interact with an adult on my way!

But what i really love is hearing the children shouting from all the way up there on the  bottom picture. ‘Dua al sabah’ or ‘surat al fatiha’ or simply ‘A-sal-em-u-a-lai-kum-wa-rah-ma-tu-la-hi-wa-ba-ra-ka-tu’ all broken into segments and shouted at the top of their lungs as each new student arrives. It’s really special masha’allah.

We are very lucky masha’allah, with the nursery sessions, with a group of dedicated sisters who work so hard, to get Islam into the children before the hit the school system. Also learning the alphabet and writing and some very basic maths. They are set up really well for going into year one. We are truly blessed alhamdulileh.


Ramadan is upon us


We have done a hurried clean up, not our usual thorough clean so that we have lees housework to do in tjhis blessed month. Allah ghaleb! new babies and big houses are not condusive to have everything clean!

More improtant then cleaning though are Ramadan goals, they are going to be very simple for me this year and Khobz Khemir is not in there!

My main ambition will be to read half of the quran in Arabic and that means breaking it down into daily sections.

My second ambition is to start the sunnah prayers and that will be hopefully be something that stays after ramadan insha’allah.

 These are my two major goals, given that I have a 2 month old baby plus a toddler it would be foolish to give myself I huge task and fail miserably on everything!

I have yet to make a star chart for ds9,dd7 and ds5 so they can keep pregress of how many days they have fasted and to keep track of their prayers and good deeds etc. Insha’allah I will do that this evening or tomorrow.

The most difficult part may be staying calm………………………………………………….for a whole month………………………………………………………………………………..enough said!

Ramadan Mubarak to you all, May Allah bless us all and cleanse our sins this month and may we enter jennah from bab al Rayyan. Ameen.

isn’t it funny

how time slows down when you are waiting for something, and goes by at super speed when you have passed that day/hour/moment………..I have found myself in an nostalgic mood these days. I could blame it on hormones. But its probably just life and its phases. Counting the time and the years, realising that there are 7 years between each of my three girls and that that by the time baby reaches the age of dd7, dd14 will be 21 Insha’allah. How frightening was that realisation!? And then of course human emotions being what they are panic sets in………..its funny that I don’t really think so much of the time I was younger, I don’t really have a sentimental attatchment to the years gone by. But I am feeling sentimental for this period of my life, of being a mother with young children, of being so important to them, of that special closeness between a mother and her young children. And i feel fear that it is slipping away…………….Maybe I need therapy, My name is Claire, I am a babyaholic!  Maybe its the thought of turning 40 next year insha’allah!

Whatever the reason for these feelings, it serves as a daunting reminder that we won’t be here forever. And that the next life is waiting, and each year seems to pass so much faster than the last. And of course that all that will be waiting for us then will be our deeds. And everything else will be forgotten and irrelevant to us and everyone else.

So with these thoughts, I am wanting to focus my own thoughts to increasing those good deeds and purifying intentions for the things we do everyday that can also count to those good deeds. And to focus on fullfilling the responsibilities that we will be questioned about. So my first stop in getting back to basics is to get back to my quran, to improve my arabic recitation, to start memorising again. Baby steps first an ayat a week and increase from there. And of course with ramadan fast approaching it is the perfect time masha’allah!

Its mid week….

…..and i am feeling old and tired! I don’t think its the fact that I am officially turning 39 in a few days, more the turns of life making me feel all of them these days!

 We have been afllicted with a virus in the house, doesn’t seem we are alone, something is ‘doing the rounds’ Alhamdulileh! A much needed cleansing for sins insha’allah. But always a releif to see your little sleepy sad baby come back to gigling and enjoying lifes adventures masha’allah.

 Another casualty this week has been my phone! So no pics for the near future unless a new phone magically appears or I find something suitable in my albumns to brighten the place up.

 On a more serious note I attended the funeral of a lovely sister whom I have not seen for maybe 11 years, but whose warmth and love of her deen never left me. After 9 years fighting cancer, insha’allah she is now in a much better place. May Allah grant her a wide grave and jannat al firdous insha’allah.  And may those she left behind have patience and abundant reward through their patience. Ameen

 My father is also gravely ill, it is really just a question of time with terminal lung cancer. And for me as a muslima facing the reality of losing a familly member that has not come into Islam. And thinking of what their grave holds for them. Living in Algeria many people ask about your familly back home and how are they….but they really have very little understanding of the meaning of having a non muslim familly, especially in the face of death and will often make the same duas they would make for a muslim, thinking of them as the people of the book and not really as kafrs or non muslims.

 My father and I have not been close since I embraced Islam. He was never happy with my choices and it has only been in the face of death that we are talking more. People often talk of regrets, insha’allah I will have non. I have tried to talk about islam, he rejected it. He doesnt even have any particular religious beliefs…..seems funny that he has arranged his own funeral with a church service and place in a church graveyard….or maybe that is some kind of recognition in the face of death.

 It is kind of strange, but yet kind of beautiful to be in the position of waiting for a new life within our familly, and the passing of another life also within the familly. These are reminders that Allah leaves for us. To all my beautiful sisters make a priority in your lives to make dua for our own famillies and each others famillies. May Allah remove the blindness from their hearts and guide them to the truth. May he make us steadfast upon the straight path, ameen.

 These times make you so grateful for the blessings Allah has bestowed upon us, insha’allah these feelings will stay close, so that we can feel close to our Lord and not forget that ever present cycle of life of births and more importantly of deaths, ameen. And when all of mankind are gathered on that last day, may we be in the shade of Allah, with his mercy showering us. Ameen

Eid and football

Subhanallah Eid is almost here already masha’allah……the annual sheep hunt has begun! which means excited children talking and smelling sheep from now until Eid. Alhamdulileh we can afford to buy the sacrifice, unfortunately not all families can. Whilst i love the childrens excitement, i also find eid quite an emotional time….seeing the hajji’s and wishing I was there again, thinking of my familly and wishing they were muslim. The actual slaughtering i still don’t watch adn i try to get away with doing as little as possible in the slaughtering…..not through laziness I just havent really learned to stomach the gorey bits, Iguess its a question of upbringing! I am quite happy to run around fetching what people need and clearing up the mess lol!!

But of course before we can get to eid we have to survive THE football match. World cup qualifier between Egypt and Algeria….the streets are awash with flags and children dressed in their best football gear, holding mini flags and beating the Darbuka(duff) even my baby now claps when he hears the algerian football songs being sang subhanallah. But of course this is harmless fun….well it was until the algerian team bus was attacked anda few of the players were injured though not seriously…it is a feel a shameful reminder for the state of the ummah that while there is bound to be natural rivalry to win at the end of the day we are all muslims and there should be good spirits and warmth between the host and its guests. Its shameful, we don’t see non muslims behaving in such a manner surely we as muslims should be setting the best examples not the worst! May Allah guide us all to the straight path ameen.

summer would like to list…..

Here a few ideas for us to achieve this summer, some are simple, some are a littel more ambitious…..

1. for my big three to keep a summer journal, with the aim of improving their english and as a keep sake for them!

2. To teach my little three the alphabet and start to read in English

3.To improve my own reading of the quran in Arabic

4.To read some  islamic book, me and the little ones

5.To go back to reading stories to my little peeps

6.To have a lots of small people play time on our beach holiday and at home!

7.I would love my older ones to learn more of a sense of familly responsibilty

8. To be a better wife…….

9.To lose my finnicky ways and delegate !

10.To waste less time.

Whats your summer action plan???




is such a blessed day. But somehow it seems to be so fraught and always in a rush……

Breakfast, showers, lunch, washing the school clothes and hanging them todry,sometimes a trip out, coffee, dinner and get ready for bed early back to school tomorrow.

Insha’allah today will be different and I will read all of surat al kahf, insha’allah……………